Candidate Survey: CAP

I know it’s a bit early in the morning (I’m a bit of a night owl and often work late into the night), but I wanted to post another survey. I am still working on new posts about my positions on several issues (I want to make sure that they’re factually supported and that I can cite sources for any data I use in my discussions). Anyway, this survey is from the Council of Organizations and Others for Education about Parochiaid. According to their about page, their mission is, in part:

organized to provide education on the following subjects: the preservation of religious liberty; the separation of church and state; and the importance of public education in a democracy. The Council also educates the public regarding the risks of granting governmental aid to nonpublic schools in Michigan.

It’s a really, really simply survey, consisting of only two questions with a “support” or “oppose” option. Normally, I have problems with surveys like that, but this one is pretty straightforward and it isn’t vague. There’s not much more to say about the options that I chose in the survey, but I do have some commentary at the end.

CAP_Survey0001CAP_Survey0002As you can see, I marked “oppose” for each of the statements. This is because I support the mission of CAP, and I support the separation of church and state. I recognize that there are several potential dangers with regard to directing public funds to private or religious schools. For instance, in Louisiana, the state passed a law which directed public funds toward religious schools. However, when the lawmakers who passed the law learned that it also allowed for Islamic schools to be funded, they started to object to the use of the vouchers at Islamic schools.

Obviously, if the State of Michigan started a similar program, one which allowed using vouchers for public funds to be directed at private or religious schools, there would be similar strife. Do you privilege schools or one religion over another, and if you do, why do you do it? How do you protect the state from losing millions of dollars in defending itself from inevitable lawsuits that would follow from such discrimination?

It’s much more sensible to disallow any program that would divert money from public schools to private or religious schools.


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