Candidate Survey: Detroit Free Press and M-Live

Hello, friends! A few months ago, the Detroit Free Press and M-Live each asked me to complete their own candidate surveys that they have posted online for anyone to see.

The first link I’ll post is from the website Michigan Voters Guide, which is a useful search tool to look up information on candidates throughout Michigan. My specific district is found here (, and of this writing, I am the only candidate in this House District to have completed the Voters Guide.

The second link is from the M-Live Voter Guide, which provides another good tool for information on races throughout the state. As of this post, the M-Live Guide isn’t up right now (thought it was up previously for the primary election). When it does become live, I expect that this link ( will take you to the correct page.

Of these two surveys, I prefer the Detroit Free Press guide because it allowed me to answer each question with a reasonable word limit. The M-Life guide, as I remember it, had five yes/no questions that were about some rather contentious issues. I prefer having dialogues about issues, rather than just answering yes/no questions, which I believe actually stifle the free exchange of ideas.


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