Candidate Surveys

Here is the list of candidate surveys that I have received and have written responses to. Some I have sent back with responses, and others I have not. I decided to post these as sort of a public interest bit about the groups that are contacting candidates and what they ask, how they ask it, and what they might do with the information.

Americans for Prosperity

U.S. Term Limits

MiBank PAC

White Pine Library Cooperative

Gratiot Area Chamber of  Commerce

Council of Organizations and Others for Education about Parochiaid

Detroit Free Press and M-Live

Michigan Right to Work Committee

Between the Lines

Planned Parenthood Advocates of Michigan

Michigan Family Forum

League of Women Voters of Michigan

Public Advocate of the United States

Business Leaders for Michigan PAC

Lansing Association for Human Rights PAC

Michigan Manufacturers Association

Auto Dealers of Michigan PAC

Michigan Coalition Against Homelessness

Michigan’s Political Action Committee for Animals

Vote Smart’s Political Courage Test


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